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If you love watching Netflix and YouTube

want to invest in a business that is more than just a content provider, Twitter may fit what you’re looking for. For us, as longer term long oriented investors in Twitter that believe in the value of the platform, we see this news as a positive and we continue to be bullish on the effect of Twitter making investments in coveted content. We think Netflix will clearly get the worst from the GOOG/CBS partnership.

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Let’s talk about the NFL replay rules. The NFL has instituted a policy that allows the head coaches two charges where they may have a play reviewed to see if a correct call was made. Now, the only stipulation to that is, they cannot challenge a call in the last two minutes of the first half or the second half.

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After that it would be a free for all, with clubs like Manchester United able to restrict their home matches to subscribers or sell to the highest bidder. Less well supported teams would be reduced to making what they can from the visit of bigger clubs. As for the lower divisions, how many people would pay to watch Halifax against Hartlepool, broadcast by Sky this month under their obligation to show a dozen lower division matches a season? Even if it was shown on pay per view, it would not earn much.